Floating Pneumatic Clamps

Unlike traditional machines, the material is clamped with independent floating workpiece clamps to compensate for tension in the panel stacks and to ensure no pressure points on rollers or tables.

Round Rod Guide ways

The saw Carriage travels along a single rail which effectively reduces inertia and ensures smooth and accurate travel.

Model MTE-11NS MTE-12NS
Max. cutting length 3200mm 3800mm
Max. cutting depth 100mm (Max.120mm)
Main saw blade diameter Ø405mm (Max. Ø455mm)
Main saw blade arbor diameter Ø60mm
Scoring saw blade diameter Ø45mm
Saw carriage forward speed 5~100M/min
Saw carriage return speed 120M/min
Main saw blade motor 20HP
Scoring saw blade motor 3HP
Saw carriage drive motor 1KW (AC Servo motor)
High pressure blower motor 5HP
Pusher feed motor 1KW (AC Servo motor)
Machine bed blower motor 3HP(optional)
Number of grippers 8 - 9
Floating tables 1800 x 600mm x 3unit
Pusher feed speed up to 80M/min
Working air pressure 7kg/cm2
Table height from floor 920mm